Talent recruitment

Brand advantages

Alotcer main staff in the Internet of Things communications industry for the industry "veteran" level, with a high degree of professional quality and industry experience.


Alotcer has been focused on the field of wireless Internet of things, uphold committed to the quality of wireless communications equipment and improve the mature solution.


Completely independent research and development, independent high-quality patch assembly line, high-quality feed inspection and finished product quality control system, a strong guarantee of the quality of equipment.

Certification is complete, the sales network imcrease everyday.


Product advantages


Quality design concept, make the same wireless communication equipment different.


From the feed test to the patch production to the finished product quality control, every step of excellence.


The perfect communication protocol can meet the data transmission needs of all walks of life.


Years of industry application accumulation makes the product can be cut to meet the requirements of different systems.

Committed to the quality of wireless communications equipment, but also committed to industry solutions.

Flexible and rigorous customization to meet different needs of different applications.

Flexible ODM / OEM service.