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China International Trade Fair held successfully

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With the in-depth development of the information industry, Internet of Things technology set off the third wave of the development of the world information industry, a new round of global economic and technological development provides a huge space for development. Internet of things will be through the integration of traditional industries, a new round of global development of one of the leading force, the Internet of Things industry has also risen to the national core strategy. Is to further accelerate the pace of enterprise application of information technology to energy, production, urban, financial, retail, agriculture, animal husbandry, transportation, home, medical nine key industries as an opportunity to provide more and more high-tech information technology applications, Comprehensive help "the west coast of the important city center" takeoff. In order to vigorously develop and develop the national strategic emerging industries, promote the Internet of things technological innovation, industrialization and market applications. Speed up the upgrading of industrial structure and change the mode of development, and comprehensively enhance the level of information technology in China, to create "wisdom of China."

Alotcer to "wireless boutique" as the theme, has attracted all the leaders, engineering firms, integrators and user representatives to visit the booth to visit and get praise.

Many participants, and are actively enthusiastic participation in activities and exchanges, so that the meeting reached a climax atmosphere.