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Ubiquitous honeycomb networking

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In "2017 global mobile broadband forum", Huawei CEO, vice president Hu Houkun said that by 2020, want to support 6.7 billion mobile broadband users, the unconnected people are connected to the network; to provide 1G average connection Rate, thus providing a better user experience; support 1 billion cellular Internet connection, in order to achieve ubiquitous cellular Internet coverage.

Hu Houkun said that we are entering the era of all things (IoT), which for the entire mobile communications industry is a huge opportunity. The demand for large-scale Internet of Things has been generated, the number of connections will be far more than the number of people connected. From the personal wear equipment, to the smart home market, from the wisdom of the city to the logistics management and many other areas, the whole process of information monitoring and collection, will achieve the digital upgrade in various fields, the Internet will lead to revolutionary changes in society as a whole. "We see that the foundation of all this is to have ubiquitous network connections, of course, the operator's network is the world's most extensive network coverage, so there is a unique advantage in the access capacity." However, SIGFOX , LoRa, Bluetooth and WiFi technology is also developing rapidly. Which may lead to more intense competition in the Internet of Things market. We have come to a critical point in time, need immediate action, open up this new blue ocean.

In the era of all things interconnected, the whole industry needs to shift the focus from technology and network management to ecosystem construction. It can be seen that operators, equipment manufacturers, vertical industry has begun in the car networking, intelligent manufacturing, smart grid and other aspects of research.
Hu Houkun pointed out that the digital transformation to the mobile communications industry has brought great opportunities for development. From the connection of people to things and things in the near future, will usher in a better all-connected, intelligent world. ICT is the main enabler for digital transformation in various industries. "I believe that mobile broadband networks will be the most critical enabling technology for digital transformation."