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Alotcer participates in Shanghai Smart Express Show

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Smart express cabinet will become the focus of the development of the logistics industry. Shanghai International Smart courier cabinet exhibition and forum held in Shanghai bright Convention & Exhibition Center, products include smart courier cabinet, intelligent storage cabinets, self-service terminals and other package related services. The forum will also work with the electricity supplier, courier companies, courier cabinet operators, courier cabinet manufacturers to jointly explore the development trend of intelligent cabinet in China and express the last mile solution. With the scale of China's online shopping promotion and expansion of the courier business volume, smart courier cabinet will usher in the golden period of development.

Wireless data transmission and network hardware as essential Express Group, Alotcer industrial grade router provides a powerful network security system to express. Alotcer is honored to be invited to participate in this event, and brought a number of high-quality products exhibition: Industrial router, DTU, attracted a large number of users in the industry to visit, cooperators and customers have deep talk and are glad to use more of Alotcer products, we strengthen cooperation and exchange later.

Only one day, most of the publicity materials have been provided to visitors, the Alotcer colleagues enthusiasm customer with carefully introduce the product and application of the company.

In the online retail business growing trend, the number of courier Parcel Logistics is increasing year by year. At present, an economical and effective way of intelligent courier cabinet is considered to solve the parcel "last 100 meters". As long as the courier parcel will be temporarily stored in the delivery box, and deliver information sent to the user via SMS, provide 24 hours self-service service. For the electricity supplier and the courier company, not only reduce the courier work pressure, and ensure the timeliness of delivery, to support an important role in the upgrading of the electricity supplier logistics level.

With the rapid growth of the express business volume, smart courier cabinet demand is expected to continue to grow. The smart courier cabinet needs mainly cities, the future will gradually to the rural, is expected to 2020, smart courier cabinet production will be more than 50 thousand groups, the future has a broad development space.