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Alotcer industrial router for FWL Excitation System

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Excitation System

Microcomputer excitation system began in 1985 that the first microcomputer excitation regulator in the world developed by NARI was put into operation for the first time that very year on hydraulic generator 50MW of Fujian Chitan Power Plant.


Excitation System: From 1992, the excitation profession has transferred the scientific achievement into productivity, providing vast prospect to the development of excitation profession,improvement of technical merit and perfection of product process quality. The industrialization process also proves that NARI has mastered the excitation technology of high-capacity generator. With the characteristics of stable running, low failure rate, almost zero work load of after-sale service, the excitation product of NARI has won great reputation from users for a long time. The design, manufacturing, inspection, commissioning and maintenance and so on of generator excitation system of NARI all have reached to international advanced level. NARI is the only domestic manufacturer with completely independent intellectual property right of generator selfexcitation system with 600MV class and has won the first prize of scientific and technological award of China electric power with all software and hardware technology of equipment held by itself.


(1) Control control, restriction and protection, PSS excitation additional control, man-machine interface function;
(2)Controllable rectifier, high coefficient of flow control;
(3) High performance magnetic switch, linear or nonlinear resistance and overvoltage protection;
(4) Other functions such as shaft voltage suppression device.


FWL excitation system has the maximum capacity of 1000 mw thermal power unit, the maximum capacity of 700 mw hydro unit, pumped storage units, gas turbine generating unit, such as compressors unit had a successful application.