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Practical technology sharing | Alocret 5G / 4G VPN industrial router and TP-LINK enterprise router b

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How to build a VPN (IPSEC / L2TP VPN) with Alocter 5G / 4G VPN industrial router and TP-LINK (TL-ER6520) enterprise router?

One: Use VPN router to build server (VPN type: IPSEC or L2TP)

The VPN server is built on the VPN router above the central computer, and the computer under the 4G / 5G VPN industrial router and the computer under the VPN router of the Lulu 4G / 5G VPN industrial router are interconnected by binding the subnets of the two parties to realize data communication. The server's network must have a fixed public IP or a fixed domain name (an address that can be found on the Internet).

Two: use Alibaba Cloud server to build a VPN server (VPN type: PPTP or L2TP)

Purchase a server 2008 cloud server from Alibaba Cloud, and use this server2008 system to build a VPN server. This server has a public IP and can be directly connected. Usually just open the webpage on any computer connected to the Internet and log in to the Alibaba Cloud server to operate.

Example: VPN server is TL-ER6520 tplink enterprise router, VPN client is Alocter AD7028-A industrial grade 4G / 5G full Netcom dual card dual mode industrial router (for the first networking method).

Step 1: Add VPN tunnel address pool;

Step 2: Configure the L2TP interface and parameters;

Step 3: Add VPN user information, each user is assigned a network segment, for example, test1 (same password) is network segment 1, test2 is network segment 2.

Two user names have been added.

Step 4: If it is an APN dedicated network card, the online monitoring server needs to fill in a long-term fixed and valid IP address in the dedicated network. If it is not available, the online function can be turned off. If it is an ordinary traffic network card, skip this step.

Step 5: Configure L2TP client parameters, especially the remote subnet must be the subnet of the remote server;

Step 5: Configure L2TP client parameters, especially the remote subnet must be the subnet of the remote server;

Then check the VPN server tunnel connection status, it shows that there is a client connection success;

Step 6: The two subnets ping each other to prove that the two-terminal network has been successfully opened, and the corresponding network operation can be performed;

Alocter three-port AR7088H (vertical guide rail)
4G / 5G dual card dual standby, wired and wireless backup industrial router

Dual 5G / 4G network (dual card dual standby) + wired / optical fiber, three-channel intelligent redundant transmission, in addition to being reliable or reliable, combined with VRRP hardware redundant channel backup technology, makes data transmission impeccable.

► Three network ports, dual serial ports, dual card dual standby, support rail and mounting ear installation
► 7-mode full frequency band, fully compatible with mobile, China Unicom and telecommunications
► 5G / 4G network to meet big data communication transmission
► Ailutong 4G / 5G wired and wireless backup industrial router, dual card / wired three-channel backup, make transmission more at ease
► Ailutong 4G / 5G IPSEC VPN industrial router has an efficient and stable VPN channel to ensure data safety and reliability
► High specification industrial design, -40 ℃ ~ 80 ℃ cold and high temperature resistance, anti-interference
► 24-hour non-intermittent work to ensure smooth communication links
► Industry innovative user configuration information anti-lost mechanism, more stable operation
► Efficient remote equipment management, user-friendly interface, easy operation and convenient installation
► Ailutong 4G / 5G L2TP VPN industrial router can be customized and served by software and hardware such as national network encryption, GPS, Lora, Beidou, etc.
► With cloud service, support operation and maintenance of itself and remote terminals

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