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Help epidemic prevention | Alocter Smart City Heating Solution

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Recently, a strong cold current went south from Siberia and hit the warm and humid air mass in our country, causing heavy snow in the north and rain in the south. The area north of Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei has heavy snowfall, and the depth of snow in some northern areas is more than five centimeters.

At present, the epidemic situation is still high, many people are working at home electronically, and some students are teaching online, and few people go out. The cold snap strikes to ensure a stable supply of heating for each family, and it is particularly important to provide a comfortable environment for children who work at home and broadcast live classes at home.

Application scenario

Almost all households in the northern region have heating supply, the number and scale are very huge, so unreasonable and untimely treatment of winter heating problems will have a great impact. Ai Lutong Smart City Heating Monitoring Solution ensures the stable operation of the heating system, a large number of distributed heating equipment for centralized information management; promptly discover whether the heating equipment in various places is abnormal, so as to quickly overhaul and reduce manual inspections and engineering Manpower input of Fanghe Property; understand the equipment in time to ensure the normal life of residents and feel at home to prevent epidemic.

Scheme structure diagram

Scheme structure diagram 1: Network port networking scheme

On top: Ailutong AR7000 router establishes a VPN channel with the server through wireless or wired
Right down: Ai Lutong AR7000 connects heating equipment and builds a local area network
Main functions involved: IPSEC VPN

Scheme structure diagram 2: Serial VPN networking scheme

On top: Ailutong AR7000 router establishes a VPN tunnel with the server through wireless or wired
Right down: AR7000 router is connected to heating equipment through serial port
Main functions involved: IPSEC VPN, serial port to 4G

Scheme structure diagram 3: Serial networking scheme

On top: Ailutong AD2066 establishes a TCP connection with the server through wireless
Right down: Ai Lutong AD2066 is connected to heating equipment through RS232 / 485
DTU main function: Serial to 4G

System Overview

The front end of the existing heating system generally uses the heating system control board to collect and control various indicators of the system, and connects the router or DTU to the control board. Centralized management of heating equipment.

❖Front end: PLC controllers are generally used for index collection and control of each heating system, which is generally connected to the monitoring center through a wired form.

❖Communication: Replace industrial-grade routers or DTUs with wired connections, and connect with the monitoring center via 4G network.

❖Background: The monitoring center monitors and manages all heating equipment through the Internet.

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Alocter five-port AR7000 industrial router

  • High-performance industrial grade chip, stable, efficient and low power consumption
  • 7-mode full frequency band, fully compatible with mobile, China Unicom and telecommunications
  • Support 4G and wired Internet access
  • Wired multi-channel backup makes transmission more at ease
  • Efficient and stable VPN channel to ensure safe and reliable data
  • High specification industrial design, -40 ℃ ~ 80 ℃ cold and high temperature resistance, anti-interference
  • 24-hour non-intermittent work to ensure smooth communication links
  • Industry innovative user configuration information loss prevention mechanism, more stable operation