PLC Wireless Monitoring Solution

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 PLC have been widely used in the industrial control industry, the stability of the PLC has been welcomed by everyone, with the rapid increase in the field of PLC applications, remote centralized management of PLC has become the biggest bottleneck.

Project across the region, the traditional way of communication can not meet the need for on-site PLC monitoring.

When project needs to change, the operating parameters and upgrades can not be timely and convenient for PLC to remotely modify.


Schema diagram

System Overview

PLC communication mode is adopted in traditional Ethernet communication, RS485, but the industrial site in many places have no wiring and the high cost of regulation, vulnerable to bad weather, using GPRS/3G/4G to replace the existing wire communication, it’s the solution to this problem from the fundamental .

Front end: PLC connect with the wireless communication device via RS485 or cable.

Communication: Alotcer Modem/Router connect the PLC monitoring and management center.

Background: The existing PLC monitoring platform does not need to change or upgrade, through the virtual serial port or network directly connect the on-site PLC, PLC could be unified monitoring and management.

System features and advantages

Industrial wireless modem and PLC constitute a stable and reliable front-end system, 24 hours uninterrupted online.

Breaking the space constraints, as long as there is a wireless network where the PLC can be monitored.

Can follow up the project requirements at any time to modify the working parameters of the PLC and remote upgrade the program.


Product model and on site pic

AD2066 IP Modem


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