Tower crane equipment monitoring

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At present, a large number tower crane equipment has been widely used in the construction industry. With the frequent accidents have gradually become prominent, and the number of tower cranes are growing rapidly every year, the centralized control of the crane is imminent.

Operators often do illegal operation, overload operation.

Equipment maintenance is not timely and comprehensive, high labor costs.

Involving multi sectoral management, position is not clear, can not be well coordinated control.


Schema Diagram

System Overview

With the GPRS equipment, the site of the tower crane are unified control, real-time understanding of the crane load status and other data, greatly reducing the accident rate.

Front end: Connected to the tower crane controller through the Alotcer GPRS IP Modem so that the tower crane can be interconnected with the monitoring center.

Communication: GPRS IP Modem through the wireless network and the Internet to make tower crane monitoring center network docking communication.

Background: Tower crane monitoring center through the Internet to unified control of all the tower cranes.


System features and advantages

Real time monitoring of the working parameters of the tower crane, once there is a violation of overload monitoring center will immediately alert.

Eliminating the need for a high field testing work, improve work efficiency.

Tower crane company, construction units, safety supervision departments can be real-time monitoring of the situation of the crane, multi-sectoral synchronization management.


Product model and on site pic

AR7000 Router

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