Self-service vending machine

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The self-service vending machines is popular for small size, flexible position and convenient use, self-service machine, self-service milk machine and so on to bring a lot of convenience for daily life. At present, communication between self-service vending machines and operations center is basically rely on 3G/4G industrial wireless router, wireless network applications to maximize the advantage of self-service vending machines flexible and convenient features.

Schema Diagram

System Overview

Internal self-service vending machines with the host system, controls the interaction with the user action and operation information, connected with the 3G/4G router to achieve the data center system operation, realizes remote data synchronization and management effectiveness.

Front end: Vending machine is a complete microcomputer system, independently control and management via the 3G/4G router, send the operation information and goods sales information to the operation center.

Communication: Alotcer 3G/4G industrial wireless router provides a stable and reliable network interface for self-service vending machines.

Background: Operation center receives relevant information from the front-end vending machine, and then sends relevant tasks to the corresponding managers.

System features and advantages

The interface is standard, plug and play.

Strong signal reception, strong anti-interference ability.

Multiple watchdog mechanism, to ensure 24 hours online.

Industrial wireless router, cold and high temperature resistance.

Product model and on site pic

AR7000 Router

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