Automobile charging pile wireless Monitoring

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With the green environmental protection consciousness gradually strengthen, the popularization of new energy vehicles will be the inevitable trend. The automobile manufacturers have developed vigorously promote new energy vehicles, but where to charge is the part of the pain points. To increase investment and construction of car charging pile, car charging piles will be the same as the gas station the popularization,management and monitoring of the charging pile attendant should sync up.


Schema Diagram


System Overview

Multiple charging piles are centralized management and control by by control box site, the control box is connected with DTU to the equipment management center, achieve the charging power consumption parameters, charging efficiency and time for monitoring and management.

Front end: Control box control with a charging pile, collecting operation parameters. State control box is connected with DTU to realize the connection with management center.

Communication: GPRS/3G DTU connect the charging equipment management center, formed a bridge between the charging pile and the management center.

Background: Management Center unified management and monitoring of all front charging pile through the Internet.


System features and advantages

High industrial grade design, cold and high temperature resistance, to ensure 24 hours online.

Strong signal reception, strong anti-interference ability, adapt to the charging pile electromagnetic interference environment.

Low cost, high efficiency, greatly reduce the labor cost.

Alotcer WIFI Router support free WIFI network for customers.


Product model and on site pic

AD2066 IP Modem 



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