Wireless remote meter reading

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Manualmeter reading workload, low efficiency and high cost.

The system is hard to analyze the distribution of power consumption.

Can’t real-time process when meter failure.

Schema Diagram

System Overview

Each electric meter is unified management and acquisition by the concentrator in a certain region, concentrator connect the GPRS/3G DTU/Router via RS232/485 by wireless Internet .

The front end: concentrator collect data on each meter, will summarize the data by sending to DTU for the reading center.

Communication: Wireless DTU send data through the front-end to the power meter reading center.

Background: The center integrate and analysis all electric power meter reading data , and then calculate the released each household electricity.

System features and advantages

The equipment is stable and reliable, .unmanned meter reading.

Strong signal reception, strong anti-interference ability.

Small size, interface standard, convenient installation and maintenance.

Product model and on site pic

AD2066 IP Modem