Highway wireless networking

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Highway monitoring system has a lot of blind spot monitoring due to the communication line layout. With the Alotcer 3G/4G industrial router mature applications, to achieve real-time video monitoring to monitor the blind spot area and road transport. It’s the supplement to the highway video surveillance, improve the relevant departments of management and control efforts on the highway.

Schema Diagram


System Overview

Generally, the blind spot of the Highway is controlled by solar power supply system. The main control system is connected with the Alotcer 3G/4G wireless router through the network cable, so that it can communicate with the remote monitoring center, and the Alotcer wireless router is a good alternative to the optical fiber.

Front end: Solar power supply system, video monitoring probe, the main control board is in the main control box, and the wireless route is connected with the main board.

Communication: 3G/4G network has been widely covered, and it can provide effective network for freeway monitoring system.

Background: Original background monitoring system, through wireless blind spot video surveillance point for unified monitoring and management.

System features and advantages

 Industrial equipment for cold, high temperature, ensure good network flow.

Without geographical restrictions, where signals are available, points can be erected.

General interface, plug and play.

Simple operation, convenient installation and maintenance.

Product model and on site pic

AR7000 Router


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