Computer room environmental monitoring

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With the development of the information society, the number of computer systems increasing. The equipment room environment (such as power supply system, UPS power supply, air conditioning, fire protection system, security system etc.) must always provide normal operating environment. Therefore, the power equipment room and the implementation of environmental monitoring is particularly important.

Schema Diagram

System Overview

The computer room monitoring system is mainly to for UPS, power supply, air conditioning, fire, Water Leakage, fresh air system, unified monitoring of temperature and humidity detection subsystem. When fault occurs in these subsystems in the form of text messages the first time report to administrator.

The front: Monitoring system is composed of many subsystems, responsible for monitoring the parameters by monitoring computer, internal operation alarm SMS software, once the abnormal situation caused by the host, the Alotcer modem will be the first time to send the alarm SMS to the administrator.

Communication: Alotcer SMS modem connects with the monitoring host through standard serial port RS232, and usually receives the signal by extending the antenna.

Administrators: Administrators receive SMS, get to know when and where the machine room occurred unusual circumstances, so take appropriate measures to deal with and arrangements.

System features and advantages

SMS alert is timely and effective.

The device interface is universal, plug and play.

High gain, extended antenna, stable, flexible and convenient.

High industrial grade design, strong anti-interference, reliable.

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AD2000 Modem




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