Street lamp monitoring

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At present, the traditional street lamp management mode has the following characteristics:

Power consumption is high, control mode is not flexible, unable to meet the climate change and the emergency situation.

The need for manual inspection, heavy workload, high cost and low efficiency.

Unable to detect and control the deployment of a waste of resources.


System Overview

Increase of DTU in front of existing lighting monitoring system, each section of street lamp controller connect management center link, realized remote monitoring the section of the street lamp.

The front end: Each sub section is monitored by the controller, remain the same.

Communication: Alotcer Industrial wireless data transmission terminal DTU to replace the traditional manual inspection and management.

Background: Background for streetlight monitoring and management platform, the communication layer can be adjusted by streetlight monitoring and management through the Internet.

System features and advantages

Centralized management, switch lamp according to the time, climate and other factors to save electricity.

24 hours online for street lamp working condition, no need to personnel to patrol, high efficiency and low cost.

The abnormal situation of automatic alarm, improve the speed of response to emergencies.

Remote configuration and modify the parameters of DTU, easy to maintain.

Product model and on site pic

AD2066 IP Modem




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