ATM wireless network

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With the city life and constantly enrich the financial services industry sync up, it will increase the ATM machine to meet the needs of the people. Because the distribution network often encounter missing, and the problem of information security, 3G/4G wireless router is more widely used. By using industrial 3G/4G wireless router, combined with APN SIM card and the routers VPN function, makes the ATM network convenient, safe and reliable.


Schema Diagram



System Overview

There is host computer in ATM, the host computer is connected with Alotcer wireless router by cable, wireless router works with APN SIM card.  As the Wireless router with VPN encryption function, so that the ATM main control computer connect the banking system with VPN for communication.

Front end: ATM with the original main control system, unified management the ATM. Main control computer connect the the banking system via wireless router.

Communication: 3G/4G wireless router works with APN SIM card, combined with VPN encryption in bank system, makes a double insurance network.

Background: Bank system exchanges data with the front-end ATM with a double insurance network.


System features and advantages

High industrial grade design, stable and reliable.

Support the operators of APN network, with various types of VPN data encryption.

Standard interface, plug and play.

Small size, easy operation and maintenance.


Product model and on site pic

AR7000 Router

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