PM2.5 particles Wireless monitoring

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PM2.5 has become a buzzword of the news, because it contains large amounts of toxic and harmful substances in the atmosphere and the residence time is long, long conveying distance, so the impact on human health and environmental quality of the atmosphere is great. Real time monitoring of PM2.5 indicators, so that people have the right to know, because monitoring equipment needs to be scattered in the outdoor layout, so the use of GPRS/3G/4G wireless networks for networking has become an inevitable choice.


Schema Diagram

System Overview

The online monitoring system of PM2.5 particles, composed of the monitoring center and a plurality of discrete distribution sub station. The site index of PM2.5 laser dust collection and analysis, connected with the Alotcer GPRRS/3G/4G router through the wireless network and send real-time data back to the monitoring center station, the sub station data processing and analysis, unified and take corresponding measures of monitoring center.

Front end: Detection and analysis of PM2.5 indicators, mainly rely on laser dust instrument and other professional instruments, the detector communication interface connect Alotcer GPRS/3G/4G wireless router.

Communication: Alotcer GPRS/3G/4G router connect with the PM2.5 monitoring center station system through the Internet, to make the interconnection between the PM2.5 acquisition instrument and the monitoring station central system.

Background: PM2.5 monitoring center carries out unified data collection and arrangement through the Internet to all the sub stations at the front, and carries out corresponding measures through professional system analysis.


System features and advantages

Industrial grade Router/DTU, adapted to extreme weather, stable and reliable.

It is compact and easy to install, make the installation and debugging easy and efficient.

Low cost and flexible networking, increase and reduce the distribution of the front terminal station at any time, and has no influence on other sub stations.


Product model and on site pic

AR7000 Router

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