Automatic weather station wireless monitoring

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The traditional meteorological station via cable to send the meteorological data to monitoring center, but need more and more meteorological data acquisition to improve accuracy. by the network geographic limitations can not achieve very good data. Therefore based on wireless automatic GPRS/3G router like gas station will be good choice.


Schema Diagram


System Overview

Meteorological stations will be collected related meteorological data through the Alotcer GPRS/3G router to the weather station monitoring center, out of the geographical space restrictions.


Front end: Weather station host will storage the meteorological data in local, connect with Alotcer GPRS/3G router through 232/485/RJ45 and other lines.

Communication: GPRS/3G router connect with the weather monitoring center through the Internet, and the meteorological station send the meteorological information collected to the weather monitoring center through wireless devices.

Background: Meteorological monitoring center achieve all the front-end automatic weather station data collection and integration.


System features and advantages

Free from geographical constraints, automatic weather stations can be erected anywhere with wireless signals.

High specification industrial grade wireless communication equipment, which ensures the stability and reliability of meteorological data.

It is compact and easy to install, which makes the installation and debugging efficient.

The cost is low and the operation cost is reduced.

Product model and on site pic

AR7000 Router

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