Alotcer Wireless monitoring for land and resources

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The Ministry of land and resources has been elevated to the national strategic level, the farmland use and illegal lots of chaos for the indiscriminate built key processing range of land and resources of the moment, but in view of the single means of execution is not enough to achieve the desired effect. The farmland occupied not timely stop and handle illegal unauthorized construction, cannot be effectively controlled.




System overview

Cooperate with the Ministry of land and resources set up surveillance video and flow through the field of the vehicle real-time video, can effectively prevent the illegal construction of farmland. With the 3G/4G wireless network, will send real-time live video to the Ministry of land and resources, So that the relevant departments to grasp the real-time dynamics in order to take appropriate enforcement measures.

Front end: Ministry of land and resources in the remote can remote monitoring the real-time situation via Video surveillance equipment.

Communication: Wireless transmission of video is realized by Alotcer 3G/4G high speed wireless network router.

Background: Ministry of land and resources could real-time monitoring via platform, once violations can take immediate enforcement action.


System features and advantages

High performance 3G/4G wireless router to ensure the stable transmission of video signals.

Industrial design, works stable in hard environment

Distributed network architecture, efficient and labor-saving

Easy to install and maintain, plug and play without professionals.


Product model and field drawings

AR3000 Router