Flood control wireless monitoring

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In recent years, with the impact of human activities, the natural environment is getting worse, torrential disasters are more and more frequent, the human life and property caused by more and more losses, disaster prevention and mitigation work without delay. Timely and accurate grasp of rain and water conditions will be a great help to disaster prevention and mitigation work, so water and rain flood control wireless monitoring system in the disaster prevention and mitigation project has been widely used.


Schema diagram


System Overview  

Water and rainfall flood control wireless monitoring system is mainly for rainfall, water level monitoring acquisition and processing, with the data to analyze the on site situation.

With the management of digital network platform, using Alotcer wireless GPRS/3G/4G Router for data and control signals to the front-end acquisition, realize distributed control and centralized control and management functions.

Front end: By rainfall, hydrological and other sensors and RTU components, RTU will acquisite and storage the water level.
Communication: GPRS/3G wireless communication equipment connected with the RTU, fulfill the front-end RTU to the Water Conservancy Bureau central system.
Background: The background is the rainfall flood monitoring center system, through the water and rainfall data collected on site, RTU consolidation, analysis to flash flood warning work.


System features and advantages

High standard industrial grade design, cold resistant, stable work for Months and years.

Low cost, not limited by geographical space.

It’s no impact on the existing system by increase, reduce the monitoring point.

The equipment is easy to install and maintain, no professional.

Product model and on site pic

AR3000 Router

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