Greenhouse Wireless Monitoring

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Greenhouse parameters include temperature, humidity, light, soil temperature, soil moisture, leaf CO2 concentration, humidity, dew point temperature, with the collection and analysis of parameters, the greenhouse environment could best meet crop growth needs.

The acquisition and deployment of greenhouse internal environment index by the PLC controller, Alotcer 3G wireless router could help to control the location of many PLC, greatly reducing the human achievements and improve work efficiency.


Schema diagram

System Overview

The controller will send the greenhouse environment index data through Alotcer router to the greenhouse monitoring center, the monitoring center system to analyze the data and make scientific and deployment instructions to live PLC, to achieve a unified monitoring and management of greenhouse efficiently.

Front end: PLC connect various sensors and the environmental device via the 485/RJ45 port by 3G Router.

Communications: Alotcer Router connect the remote greenhouse and monitoring center via 3G wireless networks.

Background: Monitoring center integrate and analyze the data of the front end, analyze and control the indexes of each greenhouse, so that different kinds of crops can get the most ideal growth environment.


System features and advantages

Stable and efficient, 24 hours on line.

Low cost, eliminating the high cost of labor.

The equipment is easy to install and maintain, no professional.


Product model and on site pic

AR3000 Router

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